We offer 20 10x10 stalls on a first come first serve basis. Currently, we do have stalls open. Each stall has a window, rubber mats on the floors for comfort and joint maintenance, and is bedded with oak/pine shavings.  The stalls are cleaned daily, 365 days a year.  Horses are turned out daily, unless weather conditions are unsafe.  We provide a blanketing service for no additional cost, and individual feed programs are provided to each horse to meet their nutritional needs.  The horses are primarily fed a Michigan 12% sweet feed blend with trace mineral salts, although we do offer a specialized diet of various grains and pellets for older horses, high spirited horses, and extensively competitive horses.  If you’d like your horse on any additional supplements they can be administered morning, night, or both in feedings, with no extra cost. 


Inside Board:  $650 per month

Outside Board:  $650 per month


Bit By Bit Equestrian Center


3150 Stoney Creek Rd.

Oakland, MI 48363




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