Hannah Quail

18 years old, 3 years at Bit by Bit


           Before Bit by Bit, I had never ridden before. I was 15 years old, and from my first lesson on, I was hooked. Within my first year, I was already showing away from home. In these three years, I have grown more as a person and rider than I have in my whole life. Dressage and eventing have proved to be my true passion. I can't get enough of the classical theory Karyn teaches. Nataly and Karyn push me to be my best self everyday. Karyn has hired me as a working student for two summers now, and I always come back with new knowledge. She teaches first aid, to effiency, to self-discipline, and everything in between. Lessons I learn with Karyn will stick with me the rest of my life. The horses are highly trained and happy. The horses are the happiest, friendliest horses I've ever met. The individualized care given to them is of the highest quality. Karyn devotes immense time into perfectng their diets and making their life amazing. The friendships I have formed at Bit by Bit are the strongest I have ever made. The barn atmosphere is relaxed and fun, everyone is a family. Karyn has truly created a wonderful place to learn and enjoy, I would never want to go anywhere else!

Raye Bacheldor

15 years old, 2 years at Bit by Bit


I have always loved horses and have wanted to ride them. For a while, my mom and I were looking around at different barns, but I had my heart set on Eventing. It was hard to find an Eventing barn that seemed right for me. My friend told me about Bit By Bit and gave me their website. When I visited the website, looked at the pictures and read the testimonials, I fell in love with Bit By Bit. Once I had my first lesson I was hooked. When I started jumping, I didn’t really want to do Dressage. But Nataly told me that I should do dressage, so I listened. After practing more dressage, I fell in love with it. I have had a blast riding and creating relationships and friendships with the horses, Nataly, Karyn, and everyone there. I have grown much stronger as a rider and as a person than I had ever thought I would. Nataly and Karyn push me to be the best I can be! The horses are great! They are so sweet and they teach you so much! Everyone at the barn is so supportive and they will help you when you need it. I can not wait to see what my future holds for me with the help of Nataly and Karyn. There is nowhere else I would rather be!


Celine Schlueter

18 years old, 3 years at Bit by Bit


           During my life, I have moved around a lot, causing me to switch barns frequently. After doing both western and hunt seat, I finally found my passion in Dressage. Bit by Bit is a wonderful place, not just to improve your riding, but also to grow as a person. When I came to Bit by Bit, my Dressage knowledge was basic, but both Karyn and Nataly immediately began to challenge me to grow as a rider. They are caring and generous trainers that have taught me more than I could ever have imagined during these 3 years. Their horses are amazing, and it is a true privilege to get to work with such inspiring trainers and animals at such a young age. Now after 3 years of professional, valuable instruction I am transitioning to more advanced dressage equitation, and I hope to begin jumping in the future as well. I know that Karyn and Nataly will always be there to help me, and to teach me the art of horsemanship. Aside from those, they have also taught me responsibility, caring, patience, and much more. While I will be going off to college soon, I know that I will always have a barn filled with amazing people to come back to, which I am grateful for.

Beverly Ashworth


           My daughter, Emilly, age 8, has been riding at Bit by Bit for almost two years now. She has grown stronger and more independent - both as a rider and as a person under the wonderful guidance of Miss Amanda, who holds a very dear place in our hearts. Emilly lives to spend time there, whether having a dressage lesson, bringing in horses, grooming, cleaning tack, or simply sweeping and hanging out at the barn! There is always a nice, warm, and friendly atmosphere. Everyone is eager to help no matter how experienced a rider you are. Emilly started from scratch and now has 11 ribbons hanging in her bedroom, including 9 second places. The quality of care given to the horses at Bit by Bit is heart warming. Especially to see each one given the individual attention they need and everything very professionally taken care of. The experience we have had so far has been nothing but the best and I could not wish for a more knowledgeable and professional trainer for my daughter.


Chelsea Givens

18 year old, 8 years at Bit by Bit


           I began riding at Bit By Bit 8 years ago. Before beginning the elegant work of dressage, I rode at Rochester Hills Stables. Switching barns was the best decision of my life. The Szadyr family and the girls at the barn have become family to me. I have made my best friends here at Bit By Bit. My fondest memories have been with these wonderful girls, Karyn and, of course, the horses. As I am getting ready to go away to college in the fall, I am most saddened by the thought of not being able to spend time at Bit By Bit. I have leased four of Karyn's amazing horses and progressed rapidly with hard work and each one. Karyn Szadyr is the hardest working and determined, as well as wise, women I know.


Chris Handsy


           I  came to Bit by Bit as a hunter/jumper looking to improve my flatwork.  Having experienced Karyn’s training and intuition I soon realized that Dressage wasn’t a means to an end, it WAS the end. My dedication and focus is now based on the classical seat. We don’t focus on short term “fun”,  we strive for perfection and the long lasting reward.

Grace Sacoman


           Hi! My name is Grace and I'm 9 years old. I've been at Bit By Bit since I was 6. For 3 years, I have been learning many different moves, gates, and many more things I could tell you about! The barn is like a dream! Why? Because I have so many friends big and small (and many horses, too)!  Amanda, my riding instructor, has a great passion for riding! There is no one like her! She teaches me so well that I can understand each movement I need to make. I ride a horse named Jasper. He is my best bud! We take on many challenges. And who helps me? Amanda, of course! When I step out onto that dirt path, I feel as if I'm home, where I should be...


Kelly Sacoman


           I began taking lessons from Karyn almost 3 years ago after my daughter began riding at Bit by Bit. I was 37 at the time and had always wanted to learn.  Karyn is very thoughtful in how she explains what I should be doing in the saddle.  Her patience is endless! I love the atmosphere at the stable... very laid back but there's a passion there as well for the horses and learning how to ride. Also, I appreciate the fact that outside of offering a riding camp in the summer, the instructors, Karyn and Amanda, take the time to orchestrate "mock" shows for the kids throughout the year. It truly helps to give them a sense of what to expect if they choose to show. The kids love and take great advantage of it!



Sarah Lurtz


           I have been riding at Bit By Bit off and on for 18 years.  I came to the stable from a Western riding facility eager to learn English riding and how to jump. My friends and I would spend hours and hours at the barn working, riding, grooming, and soaking up as much of the horses that we could before we would return to do it all over again the next day. Eventually, my parents bought me Maple, a gorgeous Thoroughbred.  We would ride out on the trails of Bald Mountain at least once a week, gallop on the dirt roads, and soar over jumps at local shows. Then it was time to leave for college. This meant selling my beloved Maple and moving to the city to start a career. As much as I tried to get horses out of my bones, I realized that being a horse person is who I am. I returned to Bit By Bit out of shape but eager to learn and return to what I considered “home”. As an adult rider I have a newfound appreciation and respect for horses, my trainer Karyn, and the sport of dressage (which drove me nuts as a kid)!  

Sue Nykorukni


I have been riding at Bit by Bit for a little over a year.  I have had great success in switching over from jumping to dressage, and have enjoyed learning what it takes to pull a horse together to make it round-up, on the bit. Karyn is helped me develop a better body position, and has great lessons on what you need to succeed.  In one year, I have learned how to get my hands quieter, lighter, and use my body to move the horse forward.  I am now playing with leg yields, shoulder in, with hopes to show one day.  My daughter is now moving up to looking for her own horse.  She has a beautiful body posture, and in a year has already started to show.  She has had some pretty good scores for a beginner - I am proud of her.


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